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    Watercolor piece, personal project.
It is very unusual for me to remember to get photos from all stages of my paintings, as I usually get carried away and forget all about it. This one was an exception! 
I start with a sketch on a crappy paper already in scale. When I'm happy with it, I go on and use the light table to get the drawing on cotton paper. If you try to figure out design and composition on the (expensive) watercolor paper directly you risk ruining it with extra lines and eraser marks and grease.
Then I move on from there, working mostly from light to dark. On this case I didn't have any specific references, but if it's a subject you are not familiar with I recommend looking at a few photos before (I warn you that it's not that easy finding references on the elusive Bunnycorn).
Try to work wet on wet parts first, then wet on dry. Leave details like pupils and stripes to the very end.
On this one I used Arches watercolor 100% cotton cold pressed paper. Various brands of paint such as Winsor & Newton and Talens. A variety of brush sizes appropriate to the size of the support. This is very important. Don't try to paint a huge surface with a #2 round.  
And the final scan!!