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    Part of a self-promotional module for school, I created this website template within 4 days.
Another school project. We had to create a series of self-promotional items. This is the website I made for myself in the span of perhaps 4 days, although my logo had been drawn out a while ago. This a simple mockup of what it could potentially look like.
The user clicks the Hello. link to access the main page. 
My personal logo is an abstraction of my initials A.N. I then struck a line through it. The concept is about how I manage to find the right idea to solve the problem at hand among the chaos of possibilities. The pencil tips references my Illustrative skills.
Depending on which area the user is in, the bar beneath each section will become red. The work would be displayed in the style of an infinite scroll-down.
A closeup.
Since I am from Quebec, I will have both French and English clients. I therefore wrote the information regarding each project in both languages. The smaller photos on the side can be clicked to become the central image.
And yet another closeup...