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KIB120 Image a day
Tuesday 22nd of July: This photo was inspired by the photographer karl blossfeldt. He is one of my favourite photographers beacuse he takes close up photos of flower and other natrual elements
Wednesday 23rd July: Photo also inspired by Karl Blossfeldt, Its is a close up photograph of a pumice rock. Used the rule of thirds to create the focus point on the rock.  
Thursday 24th July: This photo is inspired by the youth and excitment that I found in Brisbane's gardens park. Bubbles in  the park creates a beautiful atmosphere of colour and happeniess 
Friday 25th July: Photograph of a dandelion that had bloomed today, It was the first to bloom. The yellow flower was so beautiful agaist the green grass
Saturday 26th July: This is a photograph of my crystal lamp that my family got on our trip to Cairo, Egypt. I was inspired by this lamp beacuse it gives a unique and alluring pattern of light. 
Sunday 27th July: This Image is a symbol of what a cheerleader trains for. They spend hours training to perfect an 3 minuet routine. But that at the end of the day it all pays off and they receive the medal that they deserve. The metal inspired this photo because represent the glory of the athlete. As well as the hard work and commitment that they go through in order to win. Used fibonacci pattern so the audinaces eyes focus on the medal. 
Monday 28th July: This is a photograph I took at Gardens point. This beautiful big tree creates a a bold statement, and provieds a peaceful enviroment. 
Tuesday 29th July: Photograph of a lavender that is dying in a old terracotta pot.  I took this photo because I loved the light green next to the orange. I also love the sun that highlighting the ends of the plant. 
Thursday 31st July: Yesterdays tutorial has inspired me to experiment more other than photograph. This is a quick  pen sketch  of a flower that is dying.
Friday 1st August: Going back to photograph beacuse I was inspried by the  enchanting dead trees from the winter weather. 
Saturday 2nd August: Today I experimented with the image I took yesterday and decided to sketch a image of a branch from the dead tree
Friday 8th August: Photo of a pot plant that I took beacuse it shows a sad emotion. The pot plant looks old and wrecked, which brings out a sad emotion.
Sunday 10th August: The is some typography that I was expreimenting. The first line is curvy the second is spooky, the third is just random and the last is statement. 
Monday 11th August: Photograph of my kitchen bench, I took this photo to show that a photograph can have so much meaning to one particular person, but yet have nothing to do with another. This photo for me represents home, peace, memories, and food. When designer you must remember to design for the target audience, not everybody.
Tuesday 12th August: Image of the day, Its a quick sketch of random lines which creates a confusion image. This represents my loss of creativity, as I wasn't really inspired today.
Thursday 14th August: This is a photograph of one of my favourite dresses. The pattern is tribal theme. The designer has defiantly has created the illusion for the dress to have an old tribal design. I love how the they have incorporated dark blue and orange which are contrasting colours.
Friday 15th August Drawing of a flower using a drawing compass, using pink and purple colours to represent a girly environment.
Saturday 16th August: Experimenting with watercolours. Mixture of red, yellows and oranges to creat a warm enviroment. This image has been croped to focus only on the watercolours.
Sunday 17th August:  creating a drak gloomy enviroment. I was experimenting with tones that the black paint created. I used black paint, water and a straw. I blew  the paint across the page with a straw. 
Tuesday 19th August: This photograph shows how the colour of the sky can change the mood of the enviroment. A Blue sky gives so much joy and happness whereas this white foggy sky makes everything feel a bit sad and lifeless. This photograph just proves how colour can bring diffrent emotions.
Wednesday 20th August: This is an exersice that I did in the tutorial. We got taught how to colour in an inked drawing on illustrator. This is drawing from an comic strip that I draw last week. 
Thursday 21st August: (The colour wheel) Understanding the colour wheel is essential so you can be able to use colour theory. There are many colour wheel schemes (Analogous combinations, complementary pairs, split complementary, triadic colours, double complementary, monochromatic and mutual complementary).
Friday 22nd August: experimenting with Spray paint. Painting of an abstract  fire with the smoke and black sky. Using a monochromatic colour scheme. 
Saturday 23rd August: Colouring in a my inked illustration on illustrator.
Sunday 24th August: Experimenting with food dye and bubbles. Put water and soap in a bowl, blowed into the soapy water with a straw to create bubbles. Then put the food colouring on top of the bubbles. Then I placed the paper on top of the bubble to create this pattern. I used a triadic colour scheme.
Monday 25th August: Experimenting with colour on photoshop using the paint bruch tool, to belend orange and blue togther ( complementary colours). 
Tuesday 26th August: Experimenting with water colours on tissue papper. I used black, blues and dark green to create a sad atmosphere.
Wednesday 27th August: Photograph that I took in the toturial, where we had to take photographs of diffrent textures that were on campus. This is a texture can be found on the floor before the stairs. I took the photo at this angle to give it an symetrical look.
Thursday 28th August: Inspired by the turtorial yesterday I took photos of more textures, This is photograph of concrete pole.
Friday 29th August: Looking at more textures, this is a picture of  a screen door. 
Saturday 30th August: This texture is a photograph of a house. The effect is blurry beacuse the window texture makes the gives the vision a blurry look.
Sunday 31th August: This is a photograph that uses contrast to show a old piece of wood next to a new piece of wood.
Monday 1st September: Experimenting in Photoshop, to create a patcy texture.
Tuesday 2nd September: Texture of the chair in in D block which shows some light and dark tones.
Wednesday 3rd September: Photograph of a flower, where the background in blurred out, so that the focus is on the flower.
Thursday 4th September: Again experimenting with photograph, making the focus on the old white window and the scenery outside blurred
Friday 5th September: create the focus to be on the two white flowers and making the grass blurry. 
Saturday 6th September: Making the main focus on the sider web and the branch on the right hand side. The tress, fence and sky in the background is blurred to keep the focus on the web and branch. 
Sunday 7th September: the rusted broken post is the main focus and the brick and other rusted parts are blurred. 
Monday 8th September: these are some of my collections. In this picture the perfume bottle and cystral is the main focus, the monkeys at the back is blurred
Tuesday 9th September: experimenting by making the top of Buddah head (object closer to the lens) blurred and making the the background clear.
Wednesday 10th September: From the exercise in the tutorial, we learnt how to take a photograph of someone in the dark. shining a flash light at the person on a 45 degree angle and take the photo on the other 45 degree angle.  This is a photograph of my brother, using the technique that I learnt from the tutorial. 
Thursday 11th September: Experimenting with green light, The first picture is of a green glowing wall that is glowing because of the green light that is shining from below the wall. The second picture is the actually green light in darkness. 
Friday 12th September: Experimenting with the angle of the light shining on a pink highlighter. The first picture is the light is shining from the top left hand corner. In the second photo the light is shining from the bottom right hand corner. In the thrid photo the light is shingin from the bottom rleft hand corner and is emphasize the shadow of that the higlighter is creating. The last photo is where the light is directly shining onto the object, which features the pink highlighter and creates a dark shadow around the highlighter.
Saturday 13th September: This is a photograph of the Brisabane eye, which has pink and purple lights shing  on the eye. This creats shades of pink and purple to be displayed on the Brisbane eye.
Sunday 14th September: I experimented with lighting to capture and focus on the small orange beads from a neckline hanging in the dark. In the first photo the light is shining in the bottom right hand corner which highlights certain parts of the necklace, to give the photo some tone.  In the second photo the light is shinning in the top left hand corner, which defines the neckline and the dark background.
Monday 15th September: This is a photograph of a soccer trophy. I was experimenting with my home made reflector made out of aluminum foil. 
Tuesday 16th September: This is a photograph of a old metal box. I experimenting with my home made diffuser made from baking paper. Which highlighted the hinged of the box.
Wednesday 17th September: While I was in the garden I came across this snail on the pavement, The snail was moving so slowly that it reminded my of how quickly our lives move as humans. The principle that was used in this photograph was asymmetrical to bring across that the main focus was the snail. 
Thursday 18th September: This is a photograph of my cactus. The purpose of this photo was to capture how tough a cactus is. It may be tiny but the sharp thin prickles and tough as they are surrounded by rough rocks. The photo uses asymmetrical balance as the cactus is balance out by white space. 
Friday 19th September: Photograph of the sky today, The photograph shows composition as the clouds take up one half of the picture, leaving the other half to be the plain blue sky.
Saturday 20th September: This is a photo of a leaf I found outside and I admired its brown shades. It also blended well agaist the terracotta tiles. 
Sunday 21st Septmeber: This photograph is an example of a monochromatic colour scheme. diffrent shades of oranges are only used in the photo. The natrual light creates a shadow causing the picture to have the diffrent shades
KIB120 Image a day

KIB120 Image a day

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