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8 kinds of coffee H brand package design

Home Cafe Edition, which was released in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a package set that includes a tumbler and eight different coffee products. With the non-face-to-face situation and the cafe experience at home as the main keywords, this product has the design concept of a coffee shop at home. We wanted to deliver a message through the package by including the signage of Holly's coffee we meet on the street as an illustration. The design is structured by appropriately applying eight color collaborations and pattern changes.
It is a dot pattern graphic that is the main object of the package. Various elements of the street are structured by expressing light as circular dots in a standardized figure, and it is intended to express diversity by having different configurations for each package, not just changing color. The characteristics or characteristics of the products contained in each package lineup were carried out through careful color picking.

briefly listed the eight colors (separate colors) of the package along with the package image.

1355C with rich hazelnuts
The color that draws attention. My Home Cafe Edition 2

It may be one of the colors that come to mind when it comes to coffee. The color 1355C, which is suitable for bringing out hazelnuts, has a very high saturation, so the color was selected by adjusting the percentage of net points. I remember that My Home Cafe Edition 2 was the most difficult to designate various four primary colors with a soft brown and a harmonious pattern.

7506C with the blue sky of freedom
Until the day you take off your mask, My Home Cafe Edition 1

I didn't want to use a coffee-like color as the first work in this package lineup, My Home Cafe Edition 1, a coffee package. The package, which contains the most suitable color for the concept, focused on capturing the atmosphere of the sky and air without the mask.

7506C with the color of ripe green beans
Soft transformation of coffee, My Home Cafe Special Edition

The process of turning pink green beans into brown beans, and with just one bean, we can meet many coffee products at cafes. This package, which contains some of Hallis' various products, is a pink color that I chose because I thought the taste would have been more appropriate than the symbolic atmosphere.
The sweetness of vanilla is 1355C
Full of sweetness, vanilla delight edition

The packaging of vanilla delight has been packaged in 1355C colors among various colors that can convey warmth and sweetness more intuitively. Since vanilla delight is the signature menu of Holly's Coffee, the Holly's logo is larger than other package objects and is composed with dot objects.
1355C with the atmosphere of the cafe in the city
With a cold look, americano edition

The busy people you see when you sit at the window of a cafe where the city is clearly lit and drink a cup of coffee, and the brief rest in the cold air is expressed in gray. Like other packages, the building is expressed in polygonal shapes, and the hallis signage is dotted.

7506C full of cream
All for You Home Cafe Edition

I wanted to create a soft impression like whipped cream on coffee and cream on bread. It's an ivory tone that everyone who knows printing wants to avoid, but I pushed ahead because it's a color that can contain a soft and soft feeling. Among the eight colors, it is also the least liked color from my point of view.

7508C with a warm latte atmosphere
It feels like I'm in a cafe. Latte edition

A cup of hot latte that you greet after waking up in the morning. Wouldn't it be the ideal cup that anyone at a home cafe would dream of? The package is expressed in a latte color that can be easily touched while welcoming the warm morning sunlight. It is a package design that expresses the image of greeting people in the morning with the Hollys Crown logo.

7506C with the green tea color of coffee
a signature edition featuring a variety of coffee products

It is a signature edition, a package containing the most products in this package lineup. A signature packaging was constructed using a tone similar to the logo color of Holly's Coffee while expressing the various products made of coffee beans using the original color of green beans.​​​​​​​

8 kinds of coffee H brand package design

8 kinds of coffee H brand package design


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