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Public Equity Website

Public Equity Firm Website
Industry: Finance
Type: Website
Location: London, UK
Quarz Capital is a long term investor focused on public equities in developed Asia. They invest in attractive businesses at a significant discount to intrinsic value and seek to increase shareholder value through constructive engagement.
Client Collaboration and Goals
During my involvement in the project spanning 2021 and 2022, the collaborative process between our team and the client played a pivotal role in achieving the desired results. The project’s objective was to revitalise the client’s outdated website, while simultaneously enriching its content. The overarching design theme aimed for professionalism, premium quality, visual appeal, and modernity to resonate with the target audience of potential investors.

The initial state of the website revealed non-responsiveness and a lack of comprehensive information about the funds, which posed challenges for engaging new users. In partnership with the development team, our collective effort focused on modernising the design and ensuring its accessibility across various devices, thereby enhancing the user experience.
The Design
We incorporated features that addressed the client’s specific requirements. One of the significant enhancements was the incorporation of interactive graphs and data tables showcasing the client’s diverse funds. 

This strategic addition transformed the website into a centralised hub where potential investors could access comprehensive data and engage with the funds more effectively. The outcome of our collaborative approach was a revamped website that seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with professionalism. 

The visual transformation was evident in the website’s design, which now resonated with the premium quality expected by the target audience. Furthermore, the introduction of interactive elements empowered users to gain insights and make well-informed decisions efficiently.

By strategically integrating interactive data representations, we successfully streamlined the process for potential investors to assess fund performance and compare data—all in one user-friendly location. This not only enhanced user engagement but also facilitated quicker decision-making, a crucial aspect when dealing with financial investments
By understanding the client’s goals, working hand in hand to integrate interactive features, and crafting a visually appealing and responsive design, we transformed an outdated website into a dynamic platform that catered effectively to potential investors’ needs. 
Learnings and Outcomes
1. When growing a project from small to large, it is important to continuously ask questions as you go.
2. When the client needs guidance on how best to reach their target market, not much information is provided at the offset and changes to scope do happen. Working together is imperative to finding the best result for the project.
3. With extra pages being added post the initial brief, I was able to fully design the website to the client’s needs, relying less on development interpretation and the handoff was simple.
Designed by Jackie Lampard
Developed by Copia Digital
Public Equity Website


Public Equity Website