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Les Arts de la Table

The Lyon-based agency Les Gens et Vous has asked us to create 3 artworks for the advent calendar of the French Association Les Arts de la Table.

The French Association Les Arts de la Table is a professional economic development committee serving the table arts sectors. It implements collective actions in various fields: creation & innovation, standards & regulations, production system efficiency, statistical & economic studies, communication in France, and international development.

This artistic project for Les Arts de la Table consists of three videos featuring emblematic objects, each revealed as being at the origin of its own creation. The concept emphasizes the intrinsic functionality of these objects, often seen as mere decorative accessories, by vividly illustrating their practical role in everyday life. Through captivating movements and visual elements, each video highlights the importance and beauty of these objects in their daily use.

— The DIOR glass

The first video focuses on the Dior Water Glass, an elegant glass in smoked orange-yellow with vertical striations. It portrays the glass as being enveloped by a harmonious and fluid liquid, thus emphasizing its primary function of containing a liquid. This representation also highlights the refined aesthetics of the glass, capturing its elegance and beauty while reminding us of its daily utility.

— The ODIOT champagne glass

The second video, dedicated to the Odiot Champagne glass, highlights this elegant object, inspired by the unique wine-growing terroir of French champagne. The flute features a base designed to evoke a vine stalk, adorned with a stylized vine leaf, and is entirely covered in gold. This scene is enhanced by bubbles that seem to cuddle and dance around the flute, capturing the very essence of the fizz and celebration associated with champagne tasting, thus making the video a celebration of the object and its cultural significance.​​​​​​​
— The JL Coquelet Coffee Cup

The third video featuring the JL Coquelet Coffee Cup highlights this remarkable object by illustrating a coffee cup balanced on an angular saucer tilted at 25 degrees, with gold spots evoking a leopard pattern. It accentuates the dynamism and originality of the cup by showing it animated by a captivating vortex of golden coffee beans, swirling with the intensity of coffee, which underscores both its utility and bold design.

— Early RND and storyboard

Client: Association des Arts de la Table 
Agency: Les Gens et vous 
Production and Direction: Magnane
Les Arts de la Table

Les Arts de la Table

This artistic project for the table arts consists of three videos featuring emblematic objects, each revealed as being at the origin of its own c Read More