Mono / 2024. 01 / Designed by Junwoo Lim 
Mono : Educational MR Device
Humans grow by learning, and naturally, education in childhood plays a crucial role in that growth, and is one of the irreplaceable values for humans in the modern world. Education about nature, in particular, is very important for children. Just as young children can't take their eyes off a moving ant, nature is an object of curiosity that stops them in their tracks, and it's through nature that they can begin to learn about the world.
Through observing nature, children develop a number of skills, including creativity, curiosity, and observational skills. It also helps them to recognize the value and importance of nature, fostering a sense of responsibility for nature and social awareness of the environment from an early age. Therefore, children's observation of nature has a positive impact not only on their intellectual development, but also on the growth of social consciousness. However, mankind continues to rapidly urbanize the planet, which naturally makes it difficult to see insects and animals in person in cities. As a result, children are less likely to interact with and observe nature directly due to less access to it, a situation that is likely to intensify in the future. 

Mono is an MR device that helps children observe nature within these environmental constraints. mono is designed in the form of a magnifying glass and allows them to observe what creatures live in their everyday environment. mono also utilizes the properties of MR technology to provide an extended educational experience where they can observe extinct creatures.
Mono uses intuitive PUI and graphics to make it easy for kids to understand how to use the device. The slide button for zooming in and out is designed to help kids understand the scale with a graphic of three levels: insect, human, and dinosaur. The capture button is also placed on the user's side to make it easy to take a picture when you want.
Mono conveys various information such as the name and characteristics of the objects shown, and helps you observe nature in your daily life without the constraints of your environment. Users can adjust the scale and observe various creatures.
2024.01 / Designed by Junwoo Lim @junwoo.lim, 1 of 297office



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