This project was for a new food truck in Atlanta specializing in creme brulee. Tony and Kim brought this awesome idea to Atlanta from San Francisco and called their business Hot Sugar. This was a really fun project for me as it combined two of my passions: food and design! I was so thrilled to help them design a logo and overall branding for Hot Sugar. They wanted a logo that was classy but playful, and other logos that inspired them were somewhat retro and clean. The logo itself is a simple, but fun seal design where the words ‘hot sugar’ really stand out to catch your attention. I also created an alternative horizontal logo for it to be more versatile. The logo is currently on their food truck, so look for it around the city!
I created labels for Hot Sugar to sell their creme brulees in grocery stores and farmers markets. It needed to incorporate the logo and look of the new branding, but the sticker needed to be in a circle to fit on the top of the cremes. This was limiting because we also had to list all of the ingredients which was a challenge for the creme brulees with toppings! We ended up with a fun, circular design that was able to accommodate all of the ingredients in a playful way.