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Oakley — Stream Raids

Stream Raids

Oakley has always been helping emerging talent reach the top of their game. And today, one of the toughest sports to go pro in is gaming. Only 0,00008% make it. Streaming your game is one of the best ways to get noticed, but the algorithm sends most viewers to streamers who are already popular.  So, if nobody is watching, how can talent be discovered?

We turned the misused trend of Raiding - sending viewers from your stream to attack or harass another stream, into a spotlight for next-gen gamers. In a week-long event, ESports legends like Scump, Chica, Shotzzy, Shahzam and Mimi raided the Twitch streams of upcoming talents, giving them the amazing opportunity to showcase their skills LIVE in front of a bigger audience.

Over five days, Oakley e-athletes scouted the internet for talent and raided amateur streams daily, while LIVE on Twitch. Eligible candidates were chosen to be raided in real-time and were then challenged to a friendly game, to showcase their skills against the gaming pros, with the biggest audience they had ever had on their stream. 


Year: 2023
Role: Associate Creative and Design Director

We announced the event with a PR video, inviting next-gen gamers to nominate their streams to be raided. To increase their chances of getting picked, we encouraged them to 
post their best gaming highlights on social media with the hashtag #OakleyStreamRaids.
Visual Identity
We drew a parallel between the act of raiding a stream and the act of tagging. Just like the tagger makes their presence known on a wall - so does the raider on a stream.
A bold act where neither asks for permission.

The activation was a huge success in the gaming community and a great way for Oakley to enter the gaming space. 5851 hours of streamed content were generated by the community. And the upcoming gamers got incredible exposure with an astonishing peak of +55370% of peak viewers during the raid.

Oakley — Stream Raids

Oakley — Stream Raids

Gaming is one of the hardest sports to go pro in. Only 0,00008% make it. Streaming your game is one of the best ways to get noticed, but the algo Read More