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    A campaign for 'Suicide Prevention' social awareness
In my first semester of my degree program, I was assigned to make 3 poster and flyers for a social awareness campaign. I chose a very interesting topic, 'Suicide Prevention' unlike the common ones like drugs, alcohols etc. because it's more challenging and new to many people, including me.
So after much brainstorming, the accepted concept is 'Be a Superhero'. What's the relation to suicide ? After researching, I found out that in most cases, people did (not commited, it's not a crime, please) suicide because they thought that nobody were there for them when they needed them most. Sounds dramatic ? Yeah but that's the truth. You can't predict how twisted someone could be when they're depressed and even worse, nobody seems to care much. You can save lives just by listening to desperate people around you. YES, just by listening you can save their lives like what superheroes do, saving people's lives.
That's why the superheroes in the posters are holding a phone and if you don't notice, the superheroes are from the 3 biggest comic publishers in U.S.A (Batman for DC, Spiderman from Marvel, Hellboy from Dark Horse) because the campaign would like to involve as much as big comic publishers as possible and these three are the most popular and hyped superheroes in the moment from each published (sorry Superman, Batman is kicking a*s right now).
Yes, yes I know an advertising is usually minimalistic and has a very dominant element to portray the message, but I'm trying something new here. Once in a while we have to, no?
Get ready and save the depressed and suicidal people, you're the Dark Listener of your city tonight !
It doesn't take 'Spider Sense' to react and listen to depressed and suicidal people around, right ?
Even the boy from hell could show some sympathy and care for those depressed & suicidal people. Duh. Come on !
Unlock the superhero inside of you, now. Perhaps your Mary Jane will follow afterwards? (The Flyer)
(The Flyer Content with some facts of Suicide)
You don't have to be the richest man in DC Universe to save people, pal.
You don't have to be from hell to have powers to save people.
Please be reminded that some of the posters' elements were traced using Illustrator from covers or comic pages, I didn't make all of them by myself. I could give you the reference images or even link it here if necessary. And for the posters application the backgrounds are also taken from somewhere else (I will link it later). Tracing something and claiming it's yours is dishonest.