I was given the amazing opportunity to put my design skills to good use recently. A company by the name of Twenty Fourward asked that I design a t-shirt for them. Proceeds of the sale would go directly to a charity of my choice. immediately I knew exactly which charity I wanted to support. Transportation Alternatives mission is to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile and to promote bicycling, walking, public transit. I quickly went to work.
Q: Where did your inspiration come from?  
A: I grew up in New York City looking at all the graffiti around me. My bedroom window faced the train tracks and I would just stare out the window looking at the writings on the wall. I liked drawing letters and haven't stopped since.
Q: What is your first art-making memory as a kid? 
A:Remember that trend 10 years ago when kids were making wallets out of duct tape? As a joke I made a wallet out of clear tape, allowing everyone to see the contents of my wallet. Soon after I was making wallets out of White Castle cartons, Tropicana boxes, and subway maps. That project got me to open my eyes and realize that things could be challenged, and norms could be broken. Those wallets gave me the confidence to continue forth on a creative career. 
Q: What does art and design mean to you? 
A: To me, the only difference between art and design is, for whom is it meant for. Working for yourself and only yourself is art. Designing is having an audience in mind, whether that be a boss, a client, or a customer. Good design is the intersection between form and function. 
Q: Where did your inspiration come from? 
A: The inspiration behind "Peace On The Streets" came from all the times I've slammed my fist on a taxi cab. From all the times I've been hit with a car door. From all the yelling back and forth between drivers and cyclists. From all the times I've been harassed by the police for riding my bike. From all the friends I've seen get hit by cars. Its a real war out there. I just want to see a day when drivers and cyclists can have some peace on the streets.
Q: What makes this charity speak to you? 
A: I was really thankful to be given the opportunity to use my lettering in a way that helps promote cycling culture in New York. Transportation Alternatives is made up of cyclists, who ride the streets of New York with me every day. They share my vision and advocate on my behalf.
What’s ahead for you? 
A: I'll be riding in the New York City Century Bike Tour, riding 100 miles throughout New York City. I'm really excited to take up the challenge. Proceeds of the ride help fund Vision Zero, an initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities in New York.
This shirt is available for sale only in the month of August. If you purchase this shirt, $4 goes directly to fund Transportation Alternatives. So if you want to get a fresh shirt, and support your cycling community, go ahead and click here.