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    A psychedelic kolam.
Just something I skecthed and was playing around ith after seeing a kolam, a traditional Indian colored designed (made of powder) that is drawn outside houses According to the tradition, this is supposed to be done every day andhelps create the right kind of ambiance in the house. Culturally, this is said to be similar to the practices of tantra that were practiced in India and are still practiced today by yogis and mystics. Tantra is usually practiced by ascetics, but such cultural factors also bring this ancient discipline into the lives of householders (the so-called samasara). Tantra is related to mantra, the power and utilization of sound for wellbeing, as well as yantra, the use of geometrical figures (primarily triangles) to create powerful energy spaces. 
Yantra, mantra and tantra are also related to yoga, asanas and the practice of raising the kundalini. This collection of methods or techniques is known as kundalini yoga. The kundalini in "kundalini yoga" refers to the psychic energy or inner life energy that is said to rise along the spine or sushumna nadi with the practic of yoga. The energy is said to pass through each of the seven fundamental chakras from the muladhara to the sahasrar, awakening perception in the yogi.