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Sweet Responsive Site & Mobile Apps for Thai Gelato!
           Website Re-Design & Mobile Application Building Project 
Description: Founded in 2012, Secret Scoop is a Thai gelato business in San Francisco. Their products are made to order for individuals, catered events, and festivals. Although the aesthetics of their product images are quite impressive, there are a number of flaws on their website. My partner, Anastasia Victor and I have worked on this project as UX designers and web and mobile developers. We pair designed and collaborated on each task in order to get the optimal and most efficient outcome for the business. In order to stay current, Secret Scoop needs to design and build a mobile application to boost profits while maintaining the aesthetic look of their brand image.
1. Website Re-Design
Need Finding: We began the process by interivewing four Secret Scoop Web users in order to find out issues that need to be fixed on the current website, plus recording their requirments and preferences for future steps of improvement. 
Main Design Problems
1. Users get lost in navigation, especially when trying to place an order online.
2. Small scroll bars for desriptions are not wanted.
3. Numerous pages just for photos are not necessary.
4. There are no payment methods to submit an order.
5. More information about the business should be available, such, phone number, email address and business location, in order to gain the trust of the users. 
6. Users would like to know where and when Secret Scoop will be available at future events or festivals.
Brainstorming Sketches
This is an effective way to discuss our designs in a relatively short amount of time. 
Wireframing and Initial Explorations
All layouts were produced with Balsamiq Software.
Interactive Prototypes
All layouts were produced with Illustrator & Justinmind Software.
Usability Tests
2. Application Design
Design Solutions & Responsive Designs:  The issues with the current website design are resolved in the proposed re-design website, as well as the newly designed mobile application. In order to go responsive, go mobile first! Start designing from the smallest device will make sure we see the most important contents on device real estate then work toward larger devices.
Usability Test

Marketing Material Designs
Currently, we are compiling all feedback from usability tests and adjusting our designs for the upcoming coding stage. The overall design is already in place, which we would be happy to share with you. Thank you for taking the time to read about this process!
Sweet Responsive Site & Mobile Apps for Thai Gelato!

Sweet Responsive Site & Mobile Apps for Thai Gelato!

Secret Scoop is an artisan gelato and sorbet producer in San Francisco, CA. Their products are made with ingredients and flavors specific to Thai Read More


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