Theming and Pre-Show Animation
Madame Tussauds (Las Vegas, Hollywood)

Date: Jan 2014 - July 2014
The 4-D theater was not getting enough attention from visitors. There were two pivotal areas we helped with:
1. We enhanced the interior and wayfinding by adding environmental graphics -attracting visitors and guiding them. These included direction signs, monitor wraps, and theater entrance graphics. I took a lead role in designing these.
2. We created an entertaining 6 minute queue line animation to sustains people's interest while waiting.
I took a leading role in a cross-disciplinary, multi-media team to brainstorm and develop an informative pre-show animation. This was created for Madame Tussaud's, Las Vegas - inside their Marvel Super Heroes 4-D experience.
Source art provided by Marvel.
Layouts designed by Iliana Shabatova.
Animation created by Iliana Shabatova, Jason Buckley and Limin Shao.
Audio effects created by Grant McAlpine.
Creative Directors involved: Richard Needham and Minos Lam
Created while working for Simex-Iwerks Ent.
Enhanced Attraction's Interior and Wayfinding
Direction signs (top),  theater entrance graphics, monitor wrap (bottom)
6 Minute Queue Line Animation