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    Diane Richey-Ward - July artist at ONDARTE International Artist Residency in Aumal, Mexico
ONDARTE - International Artist Residency
Diane Richey-Ward - artist video / profile

After a rather short conversation with our July artist Diane Richey-Ward from the USA, we managed to edit this small teaser / interview just to present Diane to you and to hear in her own words a bit about her work. She talked about her technique, the joys of teaching, the fundamental importance of travel and the fact that sometimes she can't think of 'stuff' to say. We beg to differ after she eloquently spoke non-stop for 25 minutes. Beautiful!. We've added her CV and some work images in order for you to get a better idea of what Diane is all about. You can also check out her website and alternate links. Future videos will follow along with interviews with all of our Artists in Residency. 
Charcoal on paper, 2011
Charcoal & pastel on paper - 2011
Charcoal on paper - 2011

Artist Statement

My recent drawings represent the primary stages of anongoing series combining man-made and organic form. I have a continuinginterest in line, and how it relates to motion and energy in a work ofart.  My previous series haveincluded transparent and sculptural elements, in addition to videoinstallations. I attempt to create an environment where the vigor, or forcecreated by the form is retained in the piece. I’m also searching for anunexpected trace order in chaos- a flash of a new system of relationships thatcompel the viewer to continue examining the piece.
Cezanne one said, “There must not be a single link tooloose, not a crevice through which may escape the emotion, the light, thetruth.”
I’m intrigued by the progression of one form as it morphsinto another, in addition to the challenge of converging diverse imagery. Iplan to further investigate the potential of layering as it relates to thecoalescence of form and idea.
This series initially began as a set of blueprints drawn fora mechanically-driven society inhabited by strange hybrid beings. At Ondartethis July, I hope to further develop these mechanized figures , hopinginteresting combinations materialize that combine clear shapes and “form thatis in  the process of becomingsomething else”.



Masterof Arts Degree, Studio Art 
California State University, Sacramento,  Ca,
Bachelorof Arts California State University, Hayward, Ca.
Academyof Art College, San Francisco,  Ca.


One or Two Person Exhibitions:
 2010 “Attitude” Skinner/Howard Gallery,Sacramento, Ca.
 2009“Drawings-Zoetermeer”, BaZtille , Den Hague, NL
 2008 “Drawings-Arnhem”, ArtistiekGallerie, Amsterdam, NL

 2008“On the Move”: Center for Visual Arts- Gelderland, Arnhem, NL
 2007 Residency Exhibition, C’At Art ,St. Columbe Sur L’ers, France
 2006 “Drawing Now”, Exploding HeadGallery, Sacramento, Ca.
 2005 “Collaborations, Installations”Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, Ca.
 2005“Kanaal 10” Residency Exhibition, Amsterdam, NL
 2004 “Animus”, David and Julia WhiteColony, Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica
 2003 “Mind’s Eye”, Installation, BanffCentre for Art, Alberta, Canada
 2003“Cinetique Procession”, CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France

2001 “New Work”, Dimensions Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.

2000 “The Last Decade”, Kaneko Gallery, American River College, Sacramento,Ca.

1999 “Origin of a Species”, RidleyGallery, Sierra College, Rocklin, Ca.

1997“Synchronicity”, Sacramento City College, Sacramento, Ca.

1996 “Drawings and Collage”, Auburn ArtsCenter, Auburn, Ca.

1996Truckee Meadows College Gallery, Reno, Nevada
1996 Los Medanos College Gallery, Pittsburg, Ca.

1991 Auburn Arts Center,  Auburn, Ca.
1991 Lincoln Plaza Gallery, Sacramento,Ca.

1998“Collage/Assemblage”, Fairfield Art Center, Fairfield, Ca.
1998750 Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.
1994 Union Gallery, California State University,
1992Judith Weintraub Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.

1992Davis Art Center Gallery, Davis, Ca.

1990Lincoln Plaza Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.
1989 Witt Gallery, CSUS


2010“The Art of Teaching”, SMUD Center, Sacramento, Ca.
2004 “Cowtown”, Center for Contemporary Art,Sacramento, Ca.

2003“The Other Side”, b.sakata garo, Sacramento, Ca
2004“Annual Faculty Exhibit”, American River College, Sacramento, Ca.

2002“Tribute to My Father” Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, Ca

2002 Invitational Exhibition, 750 Gallery, Sacramento, Ca..

2002“Assemblage”, b sakata garo Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.

2002“The Human Form”, Artist’s Contemporary Gallery, Sacramento, Ca

2001 Group Show, B. Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento,Ca

2001Faculty Art Exhibit, American River College, Sacramento, Ca

2001“Annual Valentine Exhibition”, UC Davis Memorial Gallery, Davis, Ca.

2000Collage Artists of America, Viva Gallery, Los Angeles, California 

19982002 Faculty Art Exhibits, American River College, Sierra College

1997“C.S.U.S. 59th Anniversary Exhibit”, Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.

1997“Applied Surfaces, Personal Ritual”, Freddie Fong Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

1997Faculty Art Exhibitions, American River College, Sierra College

1997Erotic Art Show, Center for Contemporary art, Sacramento, Ca.
1997 “Succubus,” Dark Edge Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.

1996Amos Eno Gallery, New York, NY
1996 A.R.C. Gallery Show, Chicago, Ill.
1995“The Last Frontier”, Center for Visual Arts, Oakland, Ca.

1995“The Gluers” Bedford Gallery, Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, Ca.

1995 “New Work, New Members”, 750 Gallery,Sacramento, Ca.

1993“Influences” Exhibition, Judith Weintraub Gallery, Sacramento, Ca.

1992Auburn Arts Competition, American Association of University Women, Auburn, Ca.1991 “California Works”, State Fair Competition, Sacramento, Ca.

1991Auburn Arts Competition, American Association of University Women, Auburn, Ca.

1990 Matrix International Juried Competition,Sacramento, Ca.

1988Crocker-Kingsley Competition, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Ca.

1987Crocker-Kingsley Competition, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Ca


1994-Present: Professor of Art, Fulltime (Introduction to Drawing and Composition)American River College, Sacramento, Ca.


2009 BaZtille Artist-in-Residence, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
2008SLAK Guest Artist-in-Residency, Arnhem, Netherlands
2007 C’at Art Artist-in-Residency, St. Columbe SurL’Hers, France
2005Kanaal 10 Guest Artist-in –Residency, Amsterdam, NL
2004 David and Julia White Artist’s ColonyResidency, Costa Rica

2003Banff Centre for Art Residency, Banff, Alberta Canada

2003 Camac Organization Artist-in-Residence, Paris,France

2002Camac Organization Artist–in-Residence, Paris, France

2000 The Brydcliffe Artist in Residency, Woodstock,New York

1993Studios Midwest Artist in Residency, Galesburg, Illinois
1992High Achievement Award, Auburn Arts Competition, Auburn, Ca.

1991Award of Excellence, “California Works” State Fair Competition