NasJet Private Aviation
ناس جت للطيران الخاص

Rebranding the leading private aviation operator and services provider based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

NasJet is the leading private aviation operator and services provider. Delivering world-class services in aircraft sales, completions, management, flight support, charter and FBO. NasJet is also a part of an award-winning aviation group employing 1400 in-house aviation industry experts.

The new identity has been inspired by the craft shape, wings, directions and growth. We designed the logo symbol to reflect the first letters of NASJET N & J. The logotype is also made in with a unique type with both languages Latin and Arabic using edgy curves to make it strong, sharp and luxury. The identity comes in 3 colors, cool gray, warm gray and green to reflect the color of Saudi Arabia, the elegant mood, and formal business.