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    Quirky little creatures are brought to life in the animated identity for the 2014 edition of CBB Festival.
18bis was commissioned by 14 Agency to develop an animated identity for the 2014 edition of Circuito Banco do Brasil. CBB is an international music festival to be held in four Brazilian cities, featuring artists such as Kings of Leon and MGMT. On our side, we had a great set of characters and the mission of bringing an identity to life within a tight schedule of one week.
Concept and Style
Luckily, as we performed early animation tests to look for an approach, characters started to reveal their personalities in a very natural way. Being part of this whole gig atmosphere, we identified their urge to wave, jump, yell and sing along. 
Characters illustrated by Rafo Castro
We sought inspiration inside the visual universe of animated gifs, tempted by their irresistible loopiness and flow, features that could possibly grasp the dynamic pace of our music fans audience. We aimed to recreate the gif atmosphere in movements and aesthetics, so that the characters would become adorable and quirky little creatures. 
The creatures come to life in the animated set. 
Identity, colors and elements
The identity encompassed a long list of motion pieces: main titles, bumpers, lower thirds, lineup and stage animations. In order to establish a visual identity for the whole scenario, we worked in the creation of a vibrant color palette and additional sets of elements to go along with the characters. The following images are composites and screenshots of the developed work. 
Lower thirds and popups
Characters and graphic elements
The vibrant color palette
Main titles CBB 2014
Client: Banco do Brasil
Agency: 14 Strategic Content Agency
Art Direction: 18bis
Animation: 18bis
Illustration: Rafo Castro
Music: Conrado Kempers