After four years of studying Visual Communication at IED Madrid, we finally graduated!
To celebrate this, we wanted to create a yearbook that did not look like the typical yearbook. 
We chose to do a passport format book, to represent the movement of one stage in life as a student to a new path filled with future challenges. This passport is to serve as proof that we went through this transit as a group.
We wanted to show each student from the group in a unique way from different perspectives. One had to be very straight-forward  (a photograph) and the other had to be subjective (a cartoon version of ourselves).
We were lucky enough to have him illustrate each one of us. The thing was, he had no photographs to base his illustrations on. We handed him a list of adjectives related a each person. This way, he would create characters based on our own subjective perspective of ourselves!
The results are amazing!
Each student personally designed his/her own rubber stamp. The idea was to stamp each other's passport in graduation day as it would happen in an airport.
We hope you enjoy our project as much as we did!
This was all a result of a project proposed by Rocío Ballesteros, our teacher/mentor. She assisted us throughout the whole project, from concept to production, as well as helping us get the sponsorship.
Thank you:
Rocío Ballesteros -
Puño -
IED Madrid -
2010-2014 Generation // IED Madrid