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    Set of posters/design showcase Leviathan’s capabilities as a motion graphic studio based in Chicago.
​About Project:
I collaborated with Leviathan art director and illustrator Jason White on Leviathan’s FITC poster for their 2014 conference held in Tokyo on technology, innovation, and the future. This poster used a complex interplay of illustration and type to move the eye’s direction through the entire poster.
About Project:
I created this four-panel poster to showcase Leviathan’s capabilities in print form, using a pattern approach and 3D artwork that stays in line with their branding and image.
About Project:
Pushing new ground, the mysterious installation “Ghost Box” featured a “what could be” interactive display housed in a unit designed to look like an arcade video game. I created the print material accompanying the Ghost Box to showcase its capabilities in a compelling and informative visual format.

Read the write-up of the Ghost Box at the innovation event Leovative 2013 by the good people of Leo Burnett.