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    A series of graffiti paintings featuring the Eye Of Providence
The first of the Pyramid Scheme pieces, painted with Vents RTR. This was the first time I painted this interpretation of the Eye Of Providence with the Disney-esque hands and feet. He represents materialism and the way the 'Haves' can present anything they want to the 'Have-not's" through ratings/entertainment driven news media. He's presenting the 'Sky-tower' and the AK city skyline to the viewer.
This wall was painted with Dyle52 aka Saves. This is about the state of the global economy and discusses some views we share about current events. Saves is a Christian, I am not but certain current events ring true for both of us.
Late one night a concerned citizen took it upon themselves to paint the fall of the empire wall back to black. We spoke with the landlord and he was confused about it but suggested maybe a more positive mural would last longer. This is what we came up with.