The God's Story Season 2

Crossroads Kids' Club is more than just a channel - it's the Youtube channel created to provide children with a safe space for delving into the teachings of the gospel. Through series of animations named God's Story they teach children fundamental values that form the bedrock of faith.

As we embarked on the next season, we set to exceed expectations and elevate the client's vision with renewed creativity.

Character design

Crafting characters that seamlessly fit the atmosphere and historical period demanded throughout research of the characters' look, clothing and assets.

Background design

We needed to depict stories of more well-known biblical events, primarily set in desert landscapes so they had to leave a lasting impressions. Besides conducting the research to be historically accurate we also had to figure out how to showcase the sandy terrain in a memorable and visually appealing manner.


Children deserve a touch of gravity and drama in their stories. Therefore, to present the seriousness, we chose mote cinematic approach to create engaging and appealing videos.

Traditional animation

To emphasize the cinematic quality we went with the cel animation for part of the shots and post-produced it with dynamic lights and shadows.

Cel animation was also combined with cut-out character animation. As usual you can catch some glimpses of the rigging and animation process below. 

Client: Crossroad Church
Directed by Animwood

Creative Direction: Sebastian Komorowski
Production: Maciek Butscher, Maja Krajewska
Character design: Martyna Pianka, Sebastian Komorowski, Iza Łukaszek
Design: Sebastian Komorowski, Agnieszka Zbudniewek, Martyna Pianka, 
Paweł Białas, Iza Łukaszek, Julka Knapik 
Animation: Wiktoria Gnat, Olga Przytuła, Karol Szulc, Maja Krajewska, Denis Frolov, Paweł Granatowski 
Cel animation: Ruben Dantas

Music & SFX: Giorgio Riolo
The God's Story Season 2