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  • We were born in 198x in Vietnam. So our childhooh is all about 1990-1999. In that time, there weren't many toys or games for us. We had to make them by ourself or play the old and simple games. But by somehow, for me, that were always the best and we were really happy with that, until now :)
  • Our bike
    Bicycle is our heaven. Every child want it, from the children's bicycle with two sub mini wheels to adult's high bicycle. So there are many ways to ride, even race them :)
  • Our water balloon
    They often sold a glue which could be used to blow the balloon. The chidren absolutely loved it. But we didn't have money all time to buy, so we mixed soap with water and ran and blew with a straw. The effect was so beautiful than we could imagine :)
  • Our children festival
    In middle Autumn, we have a festival for children. We have decorative multi-coloured lantern which is lighted by candle and special cake for this occasion. But what makes us feel exciting the most is the sound of drum and lion dances. So every time when seeing a three-wheeled motorbike wagon sell lion heads, we always run after it, sing and cream together :)
  • Our handmade kite
    In that days, we often made kites by ourself. We used yesterday newspaper and an old broom for the body and tail of the kite. Instead of glue, we used rice to stick paper. So we could eat while making our handmade kite :)
  • Our game station
    There wasn't Playstation or Xbox, even computer is rare in that days. So video game is boy's religion and characters in game are our idols. The game station often placed near school :)) Before or after going to school, we always passed by, didn't need to know having money or not, our happiness was being in here, playing or shouting with friends :)
  • Our ice ream
    Chidren always love ice cream, right :) In my country, they don't sell only ice cream, but also sugar water with multi colors. There is a bell in every wagon which rings all time to get notice from us. That is a cool sound in summer :)
  • Our pet
    Beside dog and cat, we like the other animal which they sell near our school. There are various animal: litte chicken, cricket, screw... They are totally new for the children live in city like us. A pet looks like our little friend or sister or brother :)
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