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    Portrait of Family

Family Matters

Saying Goodbye 05-2011
Jenn, Mike Karmen, Zion, Troy and Sage 02-2011
Josh and Erica Gun-play 4 07-2010

Bunny and Taz Gun-play 06-2011
Dan and Selena in Selena's Room 03-2011
Jenn and Zion Lunch 2010
Olivia Wine Tasting 05-2011
Heather, Christian and Brian 02-2011
Addison in the Bath 12-2010
Addison and Amanda 2009
Selena Feeds Dan 08-2011
Gene and Lorraine at Sip and Bite 03-2011
Dinner with Dan and Selena 02-2011
JoJean and Tyler 04-2011
Erica and Family 2010
Renee, Willah and Andrew Meditation 1 07-2011
Christmas 2010
Alison, Joel and Pearl 1o-2010
Melissa and her Sister Kritter at Mirror 07-2011
Evan, Tim and Olivia in Virginia 04-2011
Alison and Allen in a Cafe in Portugal 08-2010
Dan Playing Dress-up 2010
Olivia at Amanda's Wedding in Portugal 2010
Janet and Jordon 07-2011
Melissa and Josh III 08-2010
Erica Photographs Heather and  Husband Brian 09-2010
Faux Family 1 2009
Carole Jean and Janet 2010
Jennifer and Evan in Virginia 04-2011
Dan and Selena in Cat Mask 03-2011
Faux Family 2 2009
Gunnar, Beppi and Strom 08-2011
Amanda and Aiden 09-2011