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Viña Pomal

An exercise in looking at the history of a brand, at the values and symbols of its journey. An exercise in expressing its personality, resounding in its forms, elegant in its voice, timelessness that transcends trends and moments. The design proposes a look at the symbols owned by the brand in search of their recovery and enhancement. An emblematic building in the district of Haro Station, presided over by large letters on its facade that give it a peculiar personality, invites to revisit this expressiveness and manifest it in the identity. Bod but of temporary elegance.

The building remains in its engraving on the label, which is composed of a new form, with a complex typographic construction, full of intentions, to reflect the value of the 120 years of history of the winery.

That is Pomal. A classic.

Project: Packaging design.
Client: Bodegas Bilbaínas, Codorniu Raventós
Viña Pomal