The Foldable Sneaker
In the footwear market there are a few companies that deal with the concept of a foldable shoe but I thought this concepts could be redesigned in another way to get the maximum profit of space. During my investigation I realized that there is a need to pack the shoes without occuping too much volume because them will be bigger each year, as each generation is taller than the previous one. With Minmax I created a timeless design shoe that could fit to everybody’s life.

Minmax can be folded when not being used, so them occupy the minimum volume possible without losing quality or comfort. The solution is to fill the inside volume of the shoe, the room that leaves the foot.

The advantages of Minmax in the market are multiple: the user can keep the shoes in a travel bag occupying the minimum space. For the store means less space occupied in the back store with the possibilityof having more shoes in stock. And finally for the manufacturer means a reduction of the material used in packaging and saving money because they can carry more shoes per m3.