Burn Ghost - Campaign

3D Motion
The Client

We helped build the foundation for Burn Ghost, a venture-backed casual gaming platform where fast-paced games meet big rewards. Think arcade classics sprinkled with modern crypto and a thriving community.

The need N' process

There was a vision: fun, accessible games + crypto rewards, But the lacked of a cohesive brand identity and captivating lore. With a blank slate we partnered with them to craft a visual language and rich backstory that resonated with their target audience.

From an inicial presentation showing sketches and description for three ideas and a early pivot to a fourth direction, in close collaboration with the client internal team we develop a line of consoles and a solid concept around them and the need of owning one in order to play their games, the console as the game pass.


Our branding efforts extended beyond the console. We designed complementary visual assets like videos, posters, banners, and stickers. 


We cast a wide net for inspiration, using Pinterest as per usual, plus Adrian Frutiger's "signos, simbolos, marcas, senales" and Dieter Ram's "Ten Principles for Good Design" served as timeless design anchors. Using Figma Jams, our global team (16+ members across 5 countries) explored exploring everything from tarot cards to action toys. But ultimately, the winner was a playful lineup of retro-inspired consoles, with the potential to grow and evolve alongside the Burn Ghost universe.

A little AI nudge here and there helped us in the creating of an old new console.

Clear Direction

After defining a direction the real fun starts. Sketch and modeling

Let's Burn the Ghost!

During one of our weekly meetings, an idea sparked. To create an "action figure" of the brand's mascot, the Burn Ghost, for all those who wanted to be a part of the family. The figure was created and burned as a symbolic gesture. We released the pass for free minting, and it immediately sold out, becoming the highest-volume digital collectible on the 
OpenSea digital collectible marketplace. We also incorporated the figure into a series of visual sequences to complement our vision and work for the NFT NYC event.

Burn Ghost - Campaign