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A Little Bit of Everything
Thomas Höpker – Grabbing the Lens
Bill Roedy's President's Lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership
Carl Laszlo (here)
«Cube Base» – Outer Hebrides (here)
Achim Schäcker
New York City Cars – Time Square
Bill Gates (here)
Michael and Helga Conrad (here)
Stone Newspaper (Marble) – Kubach-Wilmsen Team (here)
«Walther und Walthraudt von der Vogelweide» – Wartburg; Thüringen (here)
Sir Peter Ustinov (here)
Design Qualifying (here)
Gerhard Schröder (here)
Baby Tomatoes with Buffalo Mozzarella (here)
Erik Spiekermann (here)
Lagavulin – Single Malt Whisky (here)
Henry with Perrier Bottle – Hong Kong
Rüdiger Grube
Tassilo von Grolman (here)
Smile = Cheese
Olaf Leu (here)
Guy Le Querrec et Franco Fontana pendant les «Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie» à Arles (ici)
«Two Golden Lions Enjoying Themselves» at the National Arts Club; NYC (here)
Hazlitt's Hotel – London (here)
Stefan Wewerka – Sawmill
Klaus Staeck (here)
Bazon Brock (here)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: «Occupy Fluxus» – Museum Wiesbaden
«Lear Jet» – Frankfurt Airport RheinMain (here)
Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie à Arles (ici)
«The Eagles» in Concert – Kurhaus Wiesbaden (here)
Ernst Beyeler – Art|Basel
Gerhard Richter – Kaiserringverleihung in Goslar (here)
Museum Wiesbaden (hier)
Humboldt-Box – Spreeufer Berlin
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (here)
«Broch» in Carloway (Outer Hebrides)
DDC-Jury «Gute Gestaltung» heavily discussing matters of good design
Alexander Baier (here)
Peter Weibel and Corry Müller-Vivil honouring Duane Michals’ «Self Portrait Shaking Hands With My Father» from 1973. (here)
A Little Bit of Everything
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Andreas Baier

A Little Bit of Everything

The project's title «A little bit from everything» says it all.

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