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After Effects
Shot on location in the Wind River reservation, Wyoming
Filmed and directed by Dan Lior & Noam Azouz
Edited by Noam Azouz, Dan Lior & Dor Ohayon
Sound Design & Mixing by Nir Shor
Color Graded by Imri Agmon
Vfx by Andrzej Lewkowicz

Music by
Christian Wallowing Bull - StrongHeart
Christian Wallowing Bull - Sweet grass on my dash
Tiko Tiko - All in Forever​​​​​​​
Jess is a young man living a life reminiscent of a past era. He considers himself a "Yeehaw Boy". For Jess, "Yeehaw" is more than just a saying—it's a philosophy. It means embracing an "all work, no bullshit" approach to everything that life throws at you.
Living on a ranch, each day presents unique challenges and tasks. Whether Jess is training a wild horse, driving cattle between neighboring ranches, putting up fences, tending to the livestock, or dedicating an entire night to nurse a calf back to health in the bitter cold, every day brings a variety of responsibilities and experiences.
When asked what he loves most about his home, Jess said, "The most beautiful thing about Wyoming is that there is nothing else here." Although it may seem peculiar, one can only comprehend how vast and empty this region is when traveling by car for hours across a state that is 12 times larger than Rhode Island. Despite its size, the population of Wyoming is a little over 580,000.
"Yeehaw Boy" is a tribute to the unsung heroes who keep us all comfortably clothed and fed, making our lives possible. It is a world where resilience, grit, and an unyielding spirit embody the very essence of "Yeehaw."


Jess Oldham is a young man living a life reminiscent of a past era. He considers himself a "Yeehaw Boy". For Jess, "Yeehaw" is more than just a s Read More