New, customizable identity of Hungarian advertising agency
Hungarian advertising agency, Café Communications has delivered a new brand identity and design recently. I work for this agency as a head of design. It was a very important project for me. I align with the international trends, decided to create a customizable identity. I kept the colors and the happy mood of the 5-year-old design and revitalized it bringing in new possibilities for customization. 
What is unique about the new design is that each employee could tailor their own logo with the help of a special Facebook application.The color’s order and the positions of the columns are variable, thanks to which the range of the logos is practically infinite – more than 4 billion different versions can be created.
The new brand identity also comes together with special business cards and signatures in the emails containing each employee’s unique logo. New branded items are also available - I created special mugs and brand-new T-shirts with selected design.
Interior design
Special thanks Café Design and Attila Simon.
DTP: Tamás Cserhalmi, Attila György.
Dynamic brand identity of Café Communications