The following are three of six of my paintings and illustrations for a group art exhibition I co-curated titled 9to5 at Now Gallery + Auctions.

The theme explores the changing landscape of work and the shifting notions of labor and the modern day worker.

The other artists featured are:
Jeanne Tan
Anjo Bolarda

Curated by Gari Apolonio, Jose Ardivilla, and Jose Gamboa
Exhibition runs from 8 to 23 of August
Now Gallery & Auctions
Invitation featuring a detail of A Brief History by Jose Gamboa.
acrylic on paper
49 x 63 cm
A Brief History
graphite, ink, and watercolor on paper
35.5 x 94.5 cm
acrylic on canvas
97 x 122 cm
A collaboration with Herbert Consunji Jr.
mixed technique on time cards with canvas support
116 x 150 cm
Now Gallery's manager Gari Apolonio (right) arranging the pieces before installation.
Works by Isobel Francisco, J Consunji Jr., and Benedict Reyna (L-R)
Works by Jeanne Tan, Anjo Bolarda, J Consunji, Jr., and Isobel Francisco (L to R)
Opening night!
The evening also featured work by professional live painter Piaget Martelino.
His work depicted boxers as fighting cocks, two immensely popular (and brutal) spectator sports (mostly due to its gambling opportunities) in the Philippines.
To see more works from the show, follow the link.
The artists of 9to5: (L-R) J Consunji, Piaget Martelino, Isobel Francisco, Jose Gamboa, Benedict Reyna, Anjo Bolarda, Lala Gallardo, Jeanne Tan, Jomike Tejido (Sequi Cu-Unjieng was out of town, so was absent at the opening)


9to5 is a group painting exhibition featuring ten artist’s take on the broad spectrum of contemporary work. The exhibit runs from August 8 to 2 Read More