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Small changes in daily life, The Spa branding

Design strategy

The SPA implemented its product design using the colors Emerald Mint and Silver. The colors of Emerald Mint symbolize freshness and a pleasant feeling, making the shower time a refreshing and energetic experience. Silver, on the other hand, gives a modern and luxurious feeling, and emphasizes the quality and reliability of the product. These color combinations reflect the brand's innovative and sophisticated image, and provide consumers with a unique visual experience.
Brand slogan and philosophy

The SPA's slogan, "Small Changes that Will Make Your Day More Comfortable," incorporates the brand's core philosophy. It values the small moments of everyday life and aims to provide products that add comfort and joy to the lives of its users. The philosophy focuses on enriching customers' lives and adding new values to their daily lives.
consumer experience

The package aims to provide users with a comfortable and satisfying experience. Beginning from the moment you use the shower, the experience makes the simple daily shower extra special and refreshing. Consumers feel the quality and reliability of the luxurious package, and the use of the product gives them new life in their daily lives.
importance of visual elements

The visual elements in the package play an important role in consumers' purchasing decisions. The combination of silver and mint colors gives a modern yet fresh look, and emphasizes the unique features of the product. The sleek design catches the eyes of consumers and raises expectations for the product.
Design Concepts and Colour Selection

This package design is based on a sophisticated silver tone, and adds a blend of emerald mint colors. Silver colors give off a modern and luxurious feel, emphasizing the quality and reliability of the product. Mint colors, on the other hand, add freshness and vitality to give the user a refreshing experience.
Product Focus

Derspa's main product is its shower head. The brand aims to enhance everyday comfort through its shower head. Combining high-quality materials and innovative designs, it provides users with the best shower experience. Derspa's shower head was designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind, which adds dignity and comfort to customers' daily lives.
The Aesthetic Elements and Their Meaning of Good

Package design deals with the aesthetic elements of lines as important. Sophisticated and neat lines reveal a modern aspect of the product, while emphasizing practical functionality. These lines harmonize with the overall structure of the package, making the product stand out.
Package functionality and user experience

The package focused on providing users with convenience while keeping their showerheads safe. The combination of silver and mint colors provides noticeable visual appeal and plays an important role in users' choice of products. In addition, the package is designed to be easy to open and give users a glimpse of the features of the product.
The Spa is an innovative brand that aims to provide comfort and happiness to its customers' daily lives. The brand brings great satisfaction through small everyday changes and will continue to strengthen its position in the market through continuous product development and design innovation. The Spa will continue to contribute to enriching its users' lives and enhancing the quality of their daily lives.
Small changes in daily life, The Spa branding

Small changes in daily life, The Spa branding


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