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位於台北市寧靜住宅區,「掬KIKU」是由主廚 Kevin 所主理的精緻日式料理餐廳。通過細膩的餐點順序和料理手法安排,就像餐廳名稱「掬」一樣,用心對待每一位來訪的饕客,捧在掌心,使他們開啟感官共鳴,陶醉在美食饗宴。為了打造愉悅沉靜的用餐氛圍,操刀規劃的直尺設計,完美融合餐廳核心價值與主廚的料理精髓,以「良玉不琢,運斤成風」,作為整體空間風格概念的軸心。藉由保持天然之美,從容地將現代日式精緻料理的靈魂與精粹,以行雲流水的力量傳遞給賓客,進入主廚所想體現的料理世界。

Located in a tranquil Taipei neighborhood, “KIKU” is a sophisticated Japanese restaurant led by Chef Kevin. With years of culinary expertise, he meticulously crafts meals, embodying the care and precision suggested by the restaurant’s name. The atmosphere blends the restaurant’s core values with Chef Kevin’s culinary artistry, emphasizing natural beauty and modern Japanese cuisine’s essence. The dining experience at “KIKU” is a serene and rejuvenating journey, filled with carefully curated surprises that not only delight the taste buds but also encourage a deep appreciation for life’s quiet moments.  full story on Hey!Cheese.com
Rulers Design |Kiku