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Rijeka is a post-industrial city on Croatian coast, the biggest harbor in former Yugoslavia. Today, all of the harbour functions are regressing, and all the city spaces which formal industry occupied are left to the unknown. Specific characteristic of the city was fast industrial growth which resulted with non existence of a city park. Today, Rijeka is the city with 130 000 residents, and without a proper public space with elements of nature.
Project area is an artificial island called Delta, a former harbour area located in a city centre. Delta is now facing a systematic change, and it has become the most significant question of a city development because it has a potential to be an economic trigger for the regressing city. Proposed project is relying on industry and nature as a symbiotic hybrid, contextualised in a city history.
Industry is not only phenomenal characteristic for the city,it is also ingrained in the process of formation, functioning and development of the city as a whole. The project relies on the industry as cyclical and transparent system which as resouces uses local given elements of nature such as salt, water, flora and fauna. These resources are becoming products through a system of exploitation and processing. Characteristics of these elements are transparency and openness to the context in which industrialized nature creates new cityscape. In this system whole Delta function as a public space serving the city on many levels.