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    Music Video / Evil Red Lines / High School Yearbooks
Posse’s single “Sarah” is about a clueless woman who says things that piss people off. Kelli approached the band with a graphic treatment and a Heathers-esque storyline for the music video. The concept revolves around that one girl from High School that everyone kind of hates for being popular and bitchy. (See: Every 80’s High School movie for reference.)
Kelli and Posse conducted the project bi-coastally, with the members of the band providing faux yearbook photos to supplement the actual 80’s yearbook photos Kelli used for the handcrafted animation.
Posse circa 1985
Posse's singer/guitarist and rising tennis star, Paul Wittmann-Todd
Authentic 80's teenagers
Type and graphics were hand-painted, scanned and animated
Summary: Kelli loves indie punk and 80’s movies. And you should listen to Posse