"A Importância do Analógico no Design Contemporâneo"
"The value of the analogue in the contemporary design"
This book is the first of a roll of self-publishing books by Up Studio.
For this project we invited some greats graphic designers (students,
new designers, and masters)
 as we pretend to do with the others
books that we want to launch in a near future.
The main goal was to have a self-publishing based on a strong
collaborative work and in that way, to have a clear spot of what's
their opinion about the old print systems/methods - the so well
called "analog" - in the current panorama, as to have a illustration
and compare the different styles. With that, trying to make a book
very special and very unique, printed in serigraphy with the CMYK
colors. So we use the printed system colors to separate/identify
the work of students, new designers and masters designers, and black
for text (e.g.: the posfacio).
We also gave freedom for every participant to illustrat as they wanted,
and to say what they want about the book's thematic.
The only criteria?! To ilustrate - as we say - with the colors (2) and two layers.
The book is compose by:
- one strong analysis
- illustrations of graphic designers/illustrators (23)
- short reflexion text of each participants
- posfacio (by José Bartolo)
To all the illustrators that spend time and time to work for this project,
thank you from the bottom of our heart.
We still need to give our thanks to Catarina Alves,
Sr. Carvalho and teacher Leonardo Mira for the precious help.
Inês Rodrigues - João Fernandes - João Sottomayor - Flipe Granja
Pedro Branco - Rita Silva - Ricardo Ribeiro
new designers:
Xesta Studio - Lyft - Get Up, Folks! - Tiago Vaz - Marina Mota
Maria João - César Moura - Floduardo Almeida
Elias Marques - Joana Rêgo - Andrew Howard - Susana Fernando
Pedro Serapicos - Gémeo Luís - The Royal Studio - Catarina Alves
Curator/project mentor:
José Bártolo

Up Studio
Silksreen print:
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ESAD (Escola Superior de Artes e Design Matosinhos)
ESSR (Escola Secundária Soares dos Reis)
Álvaro Martino
Number of copies:
40 copies
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Up Studio: Self Publishing I

Up Studio: Self Publishing I

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