Industrial Hall / Aigle, Switzerland 2011

I was appointed by the municipality of Aigle-Switzerland (the city where I'm born) to restore and give a "new skin" to this industrial hall.

It's also a commemorative wall offer to me for my more than 20 years of Graffiti activity and to promote this urban art beyond the borders of my city and my country.

It 's here and in the underground parking which everything really started for me and for my passion for Graffiti, I came here to develop my techniques with spraycans.

In 1992-1993 the owner of the Commercial Center (who was in function at that time) gave me my 1st comissioned work on those walls, later I gave it Graffiti courses, realized workshops with children and teenagers and affixed my personal ideas alone and often accompanied by other writers.

I paint here each time I am in Switzerland (Swiss), it's my official painting spot.