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CERC / Branding


Founded in 2015, CERC is a financial market infrastructure with the mission of enabling greater credit availability for companies. Born in the cloud and 100% digital, it utilizes data analysis and artificial intelligence to ensure the necessary security and efficiency for financiers to carry out more credit operations with receivables as collateral, allowing companies of all sizes to invest in their businesses and grow.

After a significant evolution in the market, the company recognized the need to revisit and reaffirm its positioning through a new visual communication, expressing its values and essence to consumers. All of this is based on the original logo of the brand, which remained unchanged during the project.


Following a desk research that analyzed the market from a strategic and visual perspective, we perceive CERC as a brand actively engaged in building a new financial ecosystem. Its purpose is to create a space where companies of all sizes can evolve alongside the financial sector, contributing to the development of the economy and society as a whole.


In this context, the "Link" – the proprietary symbol of the brand – was retained as the main graphic element in all visual communications. This decision aims to further strengthen its recognition among consumers and the market, symbolizing unity and cooperation in the pursuit of innovation. The identity now features a more approachable, tech-savvy, and goal-oriented touch, aligning closely with the essence of CERC.

CERC / Branding