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Industrial Design
Old dogs are particularly vulnerable to walking-related diseases. They have a high probability of diseases such as discs, arthritis, and dislocation of bone. So walking assistance for senior dogs is important. However, there are many limitations of existing walking aids for dogs. We designed the new walking aid with a focus on the dog's choice, freedom of movement, and accessibility on a variety of terrains.
steady is a walking aid for older dogs. It supports vertically so that older dogs who have difficulty walking can receive safe and free assistance while walking.
The clothes act as a harness and can be connected directly to the product. You can get ready for a walk in 3 easy steps.
The length of the product is easily adjustable. Simply turn the adjustment knob to accommodate dogs with a back height ranging from 250mm to 450mm. Size can be covered from small to medium-sized dogs.
While supporting the dog's belly with a wide area, the product assists walking vertically from behind, without hindering the walking.
Seat belt can be stretched or reduced, allowing drivers and passengers to lean forward with their seat belts on. But when there is a sudden rebound, it tightens firmly to prevent the person from flying away. We applied this structure to the strap part, intending to make walking safe and convenient.
When you need to take a break with dog while walking, steady can be securely stood up by pushing the brake.
When storing after a walk, you can conveniently rotate the supporting structure to facilitate easy storage.
The app analyzes and shows information learned about dog walking. Through steady, it is easy to identify walking-related issues in dogs that may not be apparent in their usual behavior.