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PartnerToys- X_X Fellows Taiwan Flavors Capsule Toys

Toy Design

It is truly an honor to collaborate with Partner Toys.
 I am delighted that X_X Fellows' first capsule toy set is dedicated to the TaiwaneseFlavors series
I hope that as you collect the Capsules toys, 
you also recall the wonderful memories about Taiwan food.

"The Taiwan Flavor Series Capsule Toys, fulfilling all your cravings at once!"

From the rich and creamy condensed milk-covered delicious silver roll to the steamed bun with egg.
From the buttery flavor wheel cakes to the delectable moon cake.
The beloved peas, corn and carrot, then lemon cake pastries.

X_X Fellows will let you savor the taste of Taiwan's local delicacies!

Whether you're a foodie or a collector, X_X Fellows can satisfy your expectations in one go.
When the little cute friends appears, the surprise and excitement are beyond words,

Collecting all the cute food characters is like enjoy a complete taste 
to Taiwanese flavors, undoubtedly a precious experience worth having ❤️

Enjoy the unique emotional experience, and feel the love from those Taiwanese food!

Salted Egg Yolk Pastry

 Butter-Flavored Wheel Cake

Children's favorite pea, corn and carrot

Condensed Milk Silver Threads Roll

Lemon Cake

Steamed Bun with Egg

These are some original concept arts of my food character design from my Instagram.

The process of transforming concepts into 3D models made by Partner Toys.

We make sure that the colors of the toys closely resemble the real food as much as possible.

Machine Paper designed by Partner Toys.

 Paper inside Capsule designed by Yu Hsu

Great photos from people with x_xfellows.

Production - Partner Toys
Concept \ Character Design - X_X Fellows

Bring us home ❤️
PartnerToys- X_X Fellows Taiwan Flavors Capsule Toys

PartnerToys- X_X Fellows Taiwan Flavors Capsule Toys