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NAVER Cloud | CLOVA Studio

NAVER Cloud | CLOVA Studio

네이버클라우드의 기업 고객을 대상으로한 AI 기반 개발 도구, CLOVA Studio의 소개 영상을 제작하였습니다. 

전문적이고 다소 생소할 수 있는 내용을 최대한 이해하기 쉽도록 영상을 기획하였습니다. AI, 데이터, 보안, 생산성 등 메인 키워드를 통일감 있게 표현하기 위해 톤앤매너를 정하고 애니메이션을 통해 전체적인 이야기를 풀어나가도록 하였습니다.

We produced the introduction video for CLOVA Studio, an AI-based development tool targeting corporate clients of Naver Cloud.

Our aim was to make the content, which can be professional and somewhat unfamiliar, easily understandable. To achieve this, we established a consistent tone and manner, focusing on key themes such as AI, data, security, and productivity. Through the use of animation, we crafted a cohesive narrative to convey the overall story in a clear and accessible way.

Client : NAVER Cloud Corp.
Project Directing : NAVER Cloud Marketing Team, NAVER Cloud Brand Design 1 Team.
Production : acmeimage
Sound : sunwoo shawn kim

NAVER Cloud | CLOVA Studio