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    Logo, visual identity and launch campaign for a movie theater
A small movie theater opened in a shopping and leisure center in a residential district of Kyiv. Name of the movie theater Boomer had to emphasize the sound of the latest generation Dolby Atmos, increased number of subwoofers, as well as novelty in Ukraine - chairs with built in seat speakers, vibration of which adds a viewing a new realistic experience.
The movie theater has an excellent image quality, new active 3D-glasses, and due to intimacy - the effect of full presence. Despite the small size, this theater is set up for viewing movies of the most popular genres: action and thriller movies.
Our goal was to create a lot of noise around the small theater and to attract more attention of city dwellers.
To do this, we created a logo and visual identity, built on explosions - an integral part of almost all blockbusters.
For a launch we created a print where a man during a tense viewing clasped his hands so that a Coke can crumpled and a popcorn spilled. That's quite an impression!
Slogan: «Boomer – impressions detonator "
A ticket to the movie theater has a bombshell on the reverse side.
Tearing the ticket stub, a controller breaks the check - an explosive movie is about to start.
Tickets-bullets can be exchanged for tickets to Boomer or popcorn within a month.
An invitation to the opening is in the form of a dynamite and classic explosive mechanisms screen with the opening date.