Bio Bank

Motion Graphics
After Effects

Biobank is a research laboratory that focuses on the study of stem cells, which in turn are needed to treat serious diseases. The company was located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, but with the beginning of a full-scale invasion, it was forced to move to Vienna.

Immerse yourself in this story with us.

We have developed a series of illustrations with
a unique color scheme, to show and highlight how important Biobank is to humanity.
Using self-created references, we have achieved an amazing, 
and believable result.

Animators have done an amazing job bringing all the fluid motion into one continuous piece of animation. With abstract transitions and interesting animations, we achieved an almost hypnotic effect, when you can't predict the end of the scene, so the viewer keeps watching until the end.


Client: BioBank
Studio: KERO Animation
Art Director: Elmar Aleskerov, Anna Aleksandrova
Illustration: Yuliia Dobrokhod, Anna Aleksandrova
2D Animation: Bauyrzhan Salzhanov,
Motion Graphics: Beibut Zhakhin, Oleksandr Kuznetsov

Bio Bank