Embat - Numbers flow easy
An automated, efficient, and secure treasury for finance teams. Centralising treasury management within a single platform to finance teams’ workloads by over 75%.
As a company dedicated to money, Embat approached us to take its next business three steps ahead through identity and digital product design. They needed to compete internationally and occupy a strong market position, counting on a team which combines hardcore finance experts and developers that perfectly compliment each other. Embat was founded by former JP Morgan consultants with the goal of developing a SaaS for CFOs that would bring smartness back to finance.

Our lives are defined by what we do with our time. It was time and its quality that inspired our approach to Embat’s strategic update. We envisioned a company dedicated to giving valuable time back to CFOs: quality time to feel joyful and to explore a more playful side of life. Embat has provided a system with the intelligence to automate mechanical tasks in order to contribute to the betterment of their lives: if the boring job can be done by machines then CFOs can find room to integrate creativity and fun into their workflow.
The first step was the development of a dashboard model responding to the needs of banking and financial data. This consists of modules in widget form which display information in real time, resulting in a fully customisable layout which adapts to financial goals. In addition, this customisation allows the user to perfectly adjust everything to suit their day-to-day needs.
Considering the importance of control over numbers and accounts, the treasury management section is one of the most important within the tool. It consists of an interface designed to handle data from multiple companies, categories, and forecasts. Multiple visualisations via tables and cells also help the user to understand the data in a more efficient and intuitive way.
Groundbreaking automated treasury reporting.
A key section of the tool is the reconciliation of transactions. This consists of assigning a bank movement to a transaction so that the data is categorised and displayed correctly. Embat is able to auto-reconcile the vast majority of transactions, reducing the time the user has to spend on this task.​​​​​​​
To start sketching the visual design of the interface, we began by building a powerful design system. Since this is a management tool, atomic design took special relevance to ensure that all elements were built correctly. Starting with list elements, through dropdowns, and reaching table and graphic design, the level of detail of Embat's design system is astounding.​​​​​​​
As a complementary task to the design of the platform, an elevated communication of the tool in the form of a new public website was also important. We thus adapted the website to Embat's new brand and look and feel.
To express the company’s new positioning, we developed a visual identity inspired by the spirit of “Numbers Rocking” and the sea breeze from which Embat takes its name. The new symbol is a kite taken from a theorem used to calculate the golden ratio, a form and movement which goes on to develop the rest of the brand’s visual resources. The resulting visuals reposition Embat as a market leader whilst invoking the sense of calm so key to their new USP of giving time back to CFOs.
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