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    a commercial project in association with Pringle 1815 (japan), BDV creative (Switzerland) and Cosmic Nuggets (scotland)
here we have one of my most recent commercial projects, and im super happy with how it turned out.. i was approached by the super wonderful BDV Creative from Zurich to work on a new character to help promote the current Pringle 1815 collection.... the following images try to demonstrate a little of how it developed.. you can check out the range and finished design following the link to the Pringle1815.jp site..
Pringle 1815 -

big thanks to Yves and Oliver from BDV.. they are the coolest guys ever.. check them here

This guy was my very first draft ;)
Followed by...
And thennnnn....
A few more untilllll
This guy!  we then agreed to move forward with this fella.. world, meet Mr Pringle1815
The next few are all the developed character in various naive positions, ready for both the Print campaign and also for several short animations, all of which will be released online very soon..
Tools of Jammin... parts of a little animation which you can see at the very end of this compilation ;)
Extras ;))
little scifi games console for one of the 4 short animations produced for the client...
inital drafts for the print and online model work... just figuring out poses and positioning and initial experiemnts with the color pallete.. more below.. these were not used in the final deisgns.. please check out the link below for the end results
and thats it for my little workflow.... the last few things are the short animations i produced below... big thanks again the BDV Creative and Pringle Scotland and Pringlw 1815... also to my helpers Sean Mcilroy and Eszter Mezei.. they helped me out a bunch with the animations... love yall longtime.. peace for now.. x x x