Rotermann — The Bold Town of Tallinn

Rotermann Quarter
The Bold Town of Tallinn

The Rotermann Quarter might be located right next to the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia, but through this rebranding we positioned the district to stand for something bold: It firmly puts people first, believing that life is meant to be enjoyed. Perfectly highlighting the quarter’s offering and qualities.

The rebrand reflects the quarter’s distinct architecture, marked by boldly building on top of old.

The same approach is the foundation of the visual identity. Based on what was before, but elevated to new heights to create something unique and recognisable. 

Whatever you can’t find from Rotermann, you’ll find it right from the neighbour. Whether it’s a theatre or a shopping centre, a medieval fortification or a cabaret. Go enjoy them too – and see you after that, because together we all make Tallinn. Rotermann just aims to make it a bit better, standing for urban environment as it should be.

“Working with the brand has become remarkably straightforward. The core purpose of the quarter is crystal clear to the tenants, and we are actively and consistently communicating it to the general public. In the past, all communication and storytelling were conducted on a need basis and ad hoc for many years, resulting in an exorbitant amount of time, energy, not to mention budget spend.”

Triin Tammela
Head of Marketing, US Real Estate

Rotermann — The Bold Town of Tallinn