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Puritaan 03


Our goal was to create a simple and neutral backpack design that can stay up to date for years to come.
With modular accessories, it remains continuously upgradable.

We drew the design language and material usage from Puritaan 01, while the assembly solutions are derived from  Puritaan 02.

Every part of the bag is interchangeable and repairable, assembled using only stitching and screw rivets.
There is no glue or other difficult-to-remove solutions involved.

We pay great attention to preparing the materials and the assembly process, with each bag being crafted with 365 two-needle hand stitches. The total stitching time is five hours, assembly takes two hours, and an additional hour is dedicated to cleaning edges and holes.

For durability and efficient production, we used 3mm thick leather for the entire bag.
Thanks to vector-based design and laser cutting, we can manufacture with an extremely low cutting waste ratio.

The rings, rivets, and elastic elements can be sourced globally and are easily replaceable, making the product highly customizable and long-lasting.

The base of the modular system triangular pattern that appears on the sides and back of the bag.
At each vertex of the 25mm long sided triangles we created holes to allow customizable and ergonomic positioning of the straps.
The attachment buttons and the lock on the front align with the 25mm grid system.

The 25mm unit serves as the foundation for the entire bag's sizing. The slim straps are 25mm wide, the thicker ones are 50mm, and the rounded edges at the corners measure 100mm. Every other curve follows increments of 6.25mm, 12.5mm, 25mm, etc.

The consequent sizing and the grid system make accessory design easier in the future and ensure a cohesive appearance.

During the design process, we avoided single-function solutions; the majority of elements serve secondary or tertiary functions, creating a network of connected functionalities within the object.

The attachment buttons on the front secure the internal pocket, while the internal pocket reinforces the front of the bag, so the stiffness of the front can enable easy closure. The attachment buttons on the back hold the laptop strap inside, and the internal tab also serves as a load-relieving pad for the external straps.

In case of damage, the base of the bag is repairable by us, while all straps, pockets, and accessories are available as spare parts and can be easily replaceable by the user, ensuring that the product's lifespan is maximized.

To avoid potential material fatigue-induced fractures, we employed military grade D-rings at the strap junction to absorb motion.

Inside the package, you’ll find extra screws, a tool for tightening or loosening them as needed,
and some wax for leather care.

For an enhanced user experience, we designed a tool – a simple yet special stainless steel keychain –
that fits perfectly into the head of the screws.

Puritaan 03


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Puritaan 03