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Jagriti Yatra- Postcard Series

Jagriti Yatra is an annual 15-day train journey across India, bringing together young entrepreneurs and change-makers. Founded in 2008, it exposes participants to grassroots challenges, innovative solutions, and social enterprises. The journey fosters dialogue, collaboration, and an entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to inspire participants to contribute to India's socio-economic development.​​​​​​​

The concept

To curate Jagriti Yatra Postcard series that encapsulates the very essence of the journey, rekindling the fervor of the Yatra. This collection consists of four types of postcards, each designed to encapsulate distinct facets of the Yatra.

This collection consists of four types of postcards, each designed to encapsulate distinct facets of the Yatra.

1. The Place: This postcard features a memorable site from the Yatra, accompanied by a descriptive title.

2. The Journey (Inside the train): An image depicting a significant moment from the train journey, along with a relevant quote or title.

3. The People: This postcard showcases a group of people engaged in Yatra activities, accompanied by an appropriate title.

4. Abstract: An abstract image from the Yatra that allows for diverse interpretations, along with a meaningful quote or title.


Why Postcard Series?

The Yatra is an extraordinary and thought-provoking experience for many participants, leaving them with cherished memories and lifelong friendships. While photographs serve as a visual reminder of the journey:

A postcard can encapsulate the essence and nostalgic sentiments of the Yatra for years to come.

A postcard holds the purpose of facilitating communication and can act as a catalyst for maintaining and strengthening friendships through a tangible and personal medium.

Project Objectives

1. Creating Brand Merchandise: Postcards can be a versatile and effective tool for building a brand. Here are some ways to use postcards in future brand-building efforts:

2. Thank-You Notes: Send postcards to express gratitude to sponsors, facilitators and ERCs for their support.This personal touch can leave a positive impression and strengthen the relationship.

3. Announcements & Event Invitations: Use postcards to introduce new products, services, or features. This helps keep your audience informed and engaged with your brand.

4. Event Invitations: Send postcards to announce/invite for events such as official yatri meet-ups, book talks/launches, workshops. This can help create buzz and generate interest.

5. Brand Storytelling: Share your brand's story, values, and mission on a postcard. This can help create an emotional connection with your audience and build brand identity.

Jagriti Yatra- Postcard Series

Jagriti Yatra- Postcard Series