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CorpseReviver - Can Labels Illustration & Design​​​​​​​

Corpse Reviver - Can Labels Illustration & Design​​​​​​​
Corpse Reviver is a non-alcoholic botanical elixir with electrolytes and Rocky Mountain Spring Water. Positioned as a bold and innovative alternative in the non-alcoholic beverage space, Fireside at Five enlisted me to illustrate their can collection.
To stand out, Corpse Reviver's labels prioritize clear messaging, innovation, and a hint of wildness, distinguishing it from competitors. The design approach involves creating monochromatic, ornately illustrated can labels with three slight variations. To maintain consistency, a minor variation is incorporated to distinguish between flavors, achieved through changes in color and elements within the illustration.
Inspired by 1920s ornate designs, the labels showcase a maze of symbols conveying ingredients and revival, resembling an art deco fairy tale cover, featuring a cream base color with flavor-specific tints, gold, and black accents, along with a mix of sans-serif and experimental typefaces, incorporating small symbols and ornate patterns.
Client: Corpse Reviver
Assistance: Fireside at Five
Services: Logo, Illustration & Label Design
Photos: Gaspar Costa
Year: 2023

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CorpseReviver - Can Labels Illustration & Design​​​​​​​


CorpseReviver - Can Labels Illustration & Design​​​​​​​