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Simply Screens is a digital signage company at the forefront of providing interactive menus and signage solutions to diverse clients. I've worked with them many times to help bring a client's idea to life, creating captivating animations and designs as well as filming or photographing content to display on each monitor. Specializing in creating captivating displays, Simply Screens elevates the customer experience by offering animated menus that can be dynamically updated throughout the day. These digital signs not only showcase a visually appealing presentation but also ensure that the information, be it prices or products, remains current and relevant in real-time.
One of the many projects taken on with Simply Screens involved a collaboration with Provo Beach, an amusement center with a distinctive beach theme. Contributing to the comprehensive rebranding effort, we picked a new engaging color scheme, more appropriate font and menu layout, and then created lively animations to assist in their brand goal. This endeavor transformed the visual identity of Provo Beach, enhancing the overall ambiance of the venue that encompasses mini golf, laser tag, water attractions, arcade machines, and an ice cream parlor.
We worked with Roxberry Smoothie, a popular smoothie and treat establishment, to film and editing various food and fruit elements that would seamlessly integrate into the design of their digital menus. The result was a vibrant and enticing presentation that aligned seamlessly with Roxberry Smoothie's brand image.
While working with Kodiak Canvas, an outdoor supply company known for their specialty tents, we worked to film and edit content that would span across social media platforms and for digital signage at trade shows. We also created a tutorial series for their product setups and assembly. These videos and motion graphics supported various marketing campaigns such as the successful promotion of their giveaway with Camp Chef and Disco Bed.
On a project with "Brooker's Founding Flavors," an ice cream parlor themed after the American Revolution, I worked to add animated elements to their digital menus and brand. By animating George Washington giving a charismatic thumbs up, a silhouetted Paul Revere trotting across the screen exclaiming, "The flavors are coming, the flavors are coming!" we hoped to add an element of whimsy to the experience had when ordering one of their "revolutionary" flavors.
Simply Screens | Digital Signage