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    Hand Painted Sign for Mindzai Creative
In the shop getting started on a new hand painted sign for Mindzai Creative.
after filling the whole background teal (leaving the square for the logo) I paited the borders. each of these steps was about a night of painting. 
Next I painted the logo leaving the wood showing in the negative space of the logo. Then the banners and website were painted. I tried to fit the logo right in the space above the "." tring to fit it in there nicly.
after the website I painted the main text of the piece. this part ended up taking about 2 nights becuase I wanted it to look really clean so I really took my time with it.
finished sign...... I painted the bottom text and white highlights last. In all I was very happy with the way this sign came out. 
couple of cans of clear coat to protect aginst the Gerogia sun and the sign is installed.